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My US of Whateva! My US of Whateva!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Ooh! Another triumph!

I thought you said there would be no updates until the PK game was released? Oh well! My mistake!

This is awesome as ever. You have made me happy once again. The newspaper at the start is great too. :D

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Toothpaste Toothpaste

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Major Excellence!

Just wanted to say "Well Done" on a fantastic animation.

I loved the characters and the timing was spot on. The use of the live-cam while you moved the characters out of frame lent it a very nice touch and the whole plot followed a well-balanced three-act structure.

The characters were also well observed. The dumb one being like the brother from My Name Is Earl while the main character was more like your typical antihero, pissed off at the world type. His behaviour was also very consistant. A lot of times people will revert to type for only major plot points but I really believed the transitions from arrogant jackass to helpless victim and back were totally justified.

I was beginning to wonder at how you were able to submit a file THIS big, but when the quality is as good as this, it's completely warranted.

The HATTA's Rant The HATTA's Rant

Rated 1 / 5 stars

No "disclaimer" can save you!

I agree with a recent comment made that The Hatta is too steriotypical black and bland. The content of this piece is presumptuous, out-dated and has already been contextualised better.

The very fact that you have placed a disclaimer at the beginning would indicate to me that you ARE out to offend people with your rants and you put the blame on anyone who doesn't agree with your cartoons as having no sense of humour. That's insulting.

Hatta? More like "Hater". And the only thing "hat" about him is that this argument is "old-hat".

PLEASE take a break from just animating these rants as I love the aniimation style. But you're trying to speak from a black person's oppinion where, I assume, you're not black. It's the first ever rant that I haven't found funny and I'm a big Foamy fan. Please don't say that it's "ironic" because the use of irony can only be applied to prove a point and I don't see any point in this.

I suggest your next cartoon is set in the 21st century.